Financing Swiss innovation for water, sanitation & hygiene for 200,000+ low income customers

How do we help social entrepreneurs?

We support innovative Swiss water and sanitation businesses as well as social entrepreneurs with cash, know-how and our network.

To qualify, entrepreneurs must have a working prototype. And target low-income customers in rural areas and small towns in developing and emerging countries.

Entrepreneurs go through a rigorous screening and evaluation process (→ selection process). When they are in our portfolio, we accompany them until their business idea is implemented.

Once mature, the entrepreneurs will have a validated technology and business model. Thus equipped, they will be ready for the roll-out of their technology with private financial support.

Learn more about Swiss Fresh Water’s business we supported in Senegal (in French, with English subtitles)

  • Goal

    Our goal

    Water and sanitation for all

    Improve access to water and sanitation for at least 200,000 low income customers in developing and emerging markets by providing them with advanced Swiss technology and innovation.


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    Why apply?

    Cash, knowhow & network

    As a Swiss entrepreneur with a functioning prototype related to water or sanitation, you may receive up to 250,000 Swiss francs and plenty of support to get your business investor-ready.


  • Meeting

    Get involved!

    Help maximise our impact!

    You are savvy, responsible and forward thinking angel, investor, coach or scout? We invite you to explore how we may work together to realise the full potential of the Swiss Bluetec Bridge!


Swiss Bluetec Bridge entrepreneurs

The Swiss Bluetec Bridge is a founding member of the Swiss Water Entrepreneurship Pact. This voluntary network enables entrepreneurs to play a leading role in realising access to water and sanitation for all (SDG 6).

Swiss Water Entrepreneurship Pact