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Water kiosks for northern Kenya – AquaNetto

Value proposition

In northern Kenya, the environment is semi-arid and water is scarce. There is little local infrastructure and a pastoral lifestyle prevails. Waterborne diseases are frequent because water is scarce and the water quality is poor. Also, the opportunity costs are high. That is, a lot of time is spent to search for and collect water and there can be nutritional loss, etc.. The plan is to investigate and install twelve water treatment systems. Water kiosks will be built in partnership with the villagers.


The goal is to deliver clean water in a sustainable manner. This should improve the health and increase the overall standard of living of the population. The specific objectives are:

  • Contribute to decreasing the incidence and prevalence of water-borne illnesses
  • Improve quality of life
  • Increase individual responsibility and self-confidence
  • Train environmental awareness related to water scarcity through the use of suitable equipment

Installation in Sumurai School in South Horr, Kenya


Africa – Kenya – Samburu County


AquaNetto is steadily building its network in the capital and Northern Kenya. It participated in the Kenya Water Week of October 2016, where many useful contacts could be established. AVKO, PACIDA and Kenya Commercial Bank may become important local partners. The Kenya Water Institute has many alumni in the North of the country. It may be willing to train experts. The “private service maintenance model” proposed by the company resonates with many interlocutors and may become a blueprint for the whole country.


AquaNetto Group GmbH, based in Sierre, develops and markets a flexible, decentralized and modular water treatment solution based on UVC technology (used as a stand-alone treatment or in combination with complementary methods). It can be provided in stationary or mobile fashion. This modular approach enables a wide range of needs to be met using a relatively small range of components.