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No-frills device to monitor water quality in Vietnam - ECyTech

Value proposition

In rural areas in Vietnam, water quality is monitored infrequently at best, if at all. Thus, the rural population is exposed to serious health risks. When water quality parameters are monitored, this is done centrally. University laboratories use expensive and complex equipment, which require highly skilled chemists to operate. ECyTech has developed a novel monitoring instrument to remedy this situation. This device has the same analytical abilities as the current equipment, but comes without the frills. This makes it smaller and portable, so that it can be used in the field. Also, it is simpler and therefore easier to operate as well as cheaper to buy and maintain it.


The activities will focus first on Vietnam’s rural regions adjacent to Hanoi. The objective is to deploy the portable water testing devices in at least 10 % of the local agencies that carry out water analyses in these provinces. 50,000 to 75,000 persons at the base of the revenue pyramid should benefit from these local water quality control activities. Once the deployment of the device in these regions is established, a bigger campaign will be carried out in the mountain areas (Tay Bac) and other regions of Vietnam.

Field monitoring of a water body with the DF1000, (C) ECyTech


Asia - Vietnam - northern provinces


The loan agreement was signed in March 2017. Updates will follow.


ECyTech is a Swiss start-up founded in 2015. A spin-off of the University of Basel, it has satellite offices in Vietnam, Spain, France and Hungary. Its mission is to provide affordable access to environment & health monitoring data. It provides versatile field instruments to public and private organisations involved in water analysis, food control, clinical screening and counterfeit drug analysis.