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Sunlight pump for smallholder farmers – ennos

Value proposition

ennos SA develops and distributes the sunlight pump. This portable solar water pump is suitable for irrigation and domestic water supply in developing countries. The technology combines income, productivity and labor-saving benefits. It will be made accessible in several countries. The company will establish a supply chain and develop affordable payment options.


Within the next six years, ennos plans to scale up the production and marketing capacity to around 1,000 sunlight pump units per month. The vision of ennos is to supply a high quality product and make it accessible and affordable for smallholder farmers. Beyond that, ennos wants to offer extensive support and after sales services to the customers to guarantee a productive use of the technology for many years.

Sunlight pump in use in India


Africa : Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Zimbabwe and Burkina Faso


The business is on track. ennos signed a manufacturing and licensing agreement with Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd. (www.jains.com). Production started in September 2017. Jain is serving the Indian market directly. ennos has wholesale partners in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Zimbabwe and Burkina Faso.

In the months to come, the main task of ennos will be to provide its local partners with the best possible support in marketing matters and to support them in any invitations to tenders. ennos concentrates nowadays on the African market and tries to find sales license partners for the market in Latin America and Asia.

Read more in this article published in March 2017 in the magazine Spirit biel/bienne.


ennos ag was founded in 2006 as a spin-off of Berne University of Applied Sciences in Biel/Bienne. Its purpose is to further develop the sunlight pump and new innovations in the same product family. And to market these renewable technologies to make them accessible to clients at the base of the revenue pyramid in developing countries. This is to be ensured through establishing last mile distribution networks.