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Swiss Bluetec Bridge

Smart and circular sanitation system in Guatemala

Value proposition

Mosan offers a smart and circular sanitation system,  including the aspirational Mosan Dry-Toilet for in-home use. The container-based sanitation solution allows to safely contain and collect human excreta in challenging environments. The comprehensive solution improves health, hygiene, and privacy of people, protects the environment and water sources, and creates a future for resource recovery from human excreta, and income generating business opportunities. All Mosan products are designed in co-creation with affected people and stakeholders by using the creative capacity building process.


The vision of Mosan is to provide people in need with a aspirational sanitation system, including

  1. Safe containment of urine and feces with the user-friendly urine-diverting dry-toilet for private in-home use,
  2. Collection and transport of urine and feces to the recycling site,
  3. Recycling concept for urine and feces, e.g. as fertilizer or fuel pellets, and
  4. The sale of the recycling product within a Franchise Business.

The sanitation system is a market-based approach and offers job opportunities for the local community. We design the tailor-made sanitation solution for communities around the world, starting in Central America, Guatemala.

Augustin from Santa Catarina Palopó has fun learning about Mosan.


Latin America - Guatemala & México


The Mosan team is preparing the market entry in Central America, establishing partnerships and developing the implementation strategy for the first flagship project in Santa Catarina Palopó in Guatemala.

Read our interview of Mona Mijhab, Mosan's CEO, to learn more.


The Mosan GmbH is a Swiss company providing innovative sanitation services globally, founded in 2016. The development of the Mosan solution started in 2011 in Bangladesh, when the designer and founder Mona Mijthab worked together with GIZ. The belonging Mosan Association focuses on education, capacity building, and empowerment of the local population.
Mosan offers an innovative and aspirational alternative to common sanitation solutions. All elements are designed by participatory methods in partnership with users and stakeholders. The toilet and the sanitation system can be locally adapted to people’s needs and the infrastructure.