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Quality drinking water for Addah Village – NVTerra

Value proposition

NVterra has developed a novel type of drinking water treatment plant (NVAqua®). The plant has a capacity of 100m3/day to treat insalubrious water from a well. The drinking water produced can be sold at affordable prices, provided through village fountains and in ergonomic reusable jerry cans in the neighbourhood.

The NV-Aqua units operate on electrochemistry-based technology and produce in situ a disinfectant used to disinfect the raw water to be treated. This disinfectant, called "Liqueur d’Océane", has the characteristics of a 0.65% bleach.

This means that on a UF-100 unit, more than 160 litres per day of additional disinfectant can be produced and used to disinfect utensils, cans, tanks, premises, sanitary installations, etc. (more than 300 litres of disinfectant <2% or more than 600 litres of hand disinfectant a day, in addition to the raw water treatment).


NVterra was able to demonstrate its undeniable know-how in water treatment. It successfully installed and commissioned an operational treatment unit in Addah Village, passing the quality evaluation of the local government.

However, the objective of developing and validating an innovative social business model could not be met. Indeed, no revenue from the sale of water, even at a social price, could be collected.

This showed that the key to success is not only the technical solution to a problem. Companies must prepare a business model in which two critical aspects must be attended to:

  1. Willingness to pay: having a customer base willing to pay for the service, at a social price.
  2. Control of financial flows to ensure that income is reflected in the company's accounts, which requires, in particular, rigorous bookkeeping.

Installation in Addah village


Africa – Ivory Coast – Lagoon region


The project in Addah Village was stopped in mid 2019


NVTerra SA is a Swiss company specialized in water treatment with clean technologies, such as electrolysis, which are often combined with other physico-chemical and biological methods to solve the whole problem. The aim of the process developed by NVTerra is to reduce manipulation and stocking of dangerous products and at the same time to minimize the formation of undesirable and clumsy wastage. This approach was developed to make the NVTerra products suitable for isolated communities in rural areas.