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Quality drinking water for Addah Village – NVTerra

Value proposition

The residents of Addah Village in rural Ivory Coast have been waiting for access to clean drinking water for many years. The business is about installing a drinking water treatment plant (NVAqua®). The plant has a capacity of 100m3/day to treat insalubrious water from a well. The drinking water produced is to be sold at affordable prices. It will be provided through village fountains and in ergonomic reusable jerry cans in the neighbourhood. The company will also train local technicians for maintenance and create a local business for water sales.


The objective is to supply safe and affordable drinking water to rural populations in the Ivory Coast. Additional goals are to promote hygienic approaches through awareness raising and distribution of bleach. And to create jobs and wealth for the local population.

It also aims at validating the company’s technical approach, i.e. producing chemical reactants from cheap and abundant raw materials (iron and salt) on site. The final objective is to develop and validate an innovative social business model. The plan is to sell the produced water in the village and its surroundings. Ergonomic reusable cans and other distribution pathways will be used.

Installation in Addah village


Africa – Ivory Coast – Lagoon region


The water treatment unit has been running satisfactorily since summer 2016. The treated water is bacteriologically clean. But unexpected problems with turbidity have delayed the release of the production unit by ONEP. NVTerra will pre-finance and deliver a complementary ultra-filtration module as a solution. The module is now being produced and the plan is to have it installed in June 2017. Thereafter, if all goes well, the unit will be handed over to the local community and the micro-enterprise that sells water in canisters can finally be launched.


NVTerra SA is a Swiss company specialized in water treatment with clean technologies, such as electrolysis, which are often combined with other physico-chemical and biological methods to solve the whole problem. The aim of the process developed by NVTerra is to reduce manipulation and stocking of dangerous products and at the same time to minimize the formation of undesirable and clumsy wastage. This approach was developed to make the NVTerra products suitable for isolated communities in rural areas.