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Medical sterilisation for rural and small hospitals – SteriLux

Value proposition

SteriLux has developed a novel sterilisation device. It uses a technology based on UV-radiations, generating ozone directly inside a box where the medical instruments are placed. Ozone is generated from the ambient air with the help of UV lamps by converting oxygen into ozone. The device also requires a drop of water per cycle.

Thanks to its very low water consumption and its built-in battery, it is also portable. This is advantageous as it can be taken directly into medical camps. The company is conducting a field test in a small hospital and surgery centre in Bafoussam in West Cameroon.



The aim is to achieve proof of concept under real conditions of use. From there, an implementation at a wider scale is planned. In the long term, the company targets rural areas in India and Africa. There, water and electricity supplies are scarce or unstable. When electricity is cut and the quality of water supply is poor, hospitals in remote areas are not able to set up good sterilization processes. This means that millions of people are exposed to non-sterile medical instruments.

20% of hospital-acquired infections, some of which are lethal, are a direct result of using non-sterile instruments. In other words, one person dies every two minutes due to non-sterilised medical instruments.

Watch this video to learn more:

Infographics: SteriLux


Africa - Cameroon - Bafoussam


Since its inception, SteriLux SA has focused on the development of their solutions iterating through several prototypes. The first product is now ready for production. The next critical step is to get the CE mark, that will allow the product to be commercially available.

The company launched a small production of a few machines in July 2017 and a first field tests of two weeks has been successfully conducted in September 2017. It is planned to definitively install a machine in the same hospital in March 2018.


SteriLux is a Swiss startup founded in August 2014 and based in Prilly, Switzerland.