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Safe drinking water for rural populations – Swiss Fresh Water

Value proposition

In the Sine Saloum Delta in Senegal, surface and ground water is not suitable for drinking. Its high levels of salt and fluoride cause serious illnesses. Swiss Fresh Water (SFW) has been running a pilot project in the region since May 2011. It is providing access to affordable and safe drinking water for the rural population and small towns. Local operators use SFW’s small-scale, solar-powered desalination systems to produce water on-site and sell it for 1.5  €c/litre. This approach creates local jobs and fosters entrepreneurship.


The aim of SFW is to produce affordable and safe drinking water on-site. This should improve the health of the local population. Because drinking safe water reduces diarrhea, fluorosis and hypertension. The company also contributes to developing a sustainable rural economy, particularly thanks to the creation of jobs. Finally, the energy consumption associated with supplying safe drinking water is reduced.

Diamo Kiosk in Senegal


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SFW is steadily increasing its imprint in Senegal. 140 machines have been installed in the country and are in service. The company also started a pilot project in Bolivia. 8 machines have already been shipped and 4 installed. Thanks to this steady growth, SFW has reached the break-even point in the last quarter of 2016.


Swiss Fresh Water SA was founded in 2008 and is based in Belmont-sur-Lausanne. The company develops, builds and installs small-scale, low-cost water desalination systems. Each system is remotely monitored via GSM network, enabling a decentralized service and maintenance model.