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Efficient pumps for access to water - Swiss Intech

Value proposition

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has abundant water sources. Nevertheless, few people have access to safe water. The reasons for this are a lack of infrastructure and management challenges. Swiss Intech has developed a novel high-pressure solar pumping system. It can pump water from tiny boreholes and is easy to maintain. The start-up plans to sell this pump through a local distribution network.


The business aims to develop the market in the DRC. The first steps are to:

  • build up a network of local partners (NGOs, companies, churches, well owners, farmers’ cooperatives and individuals) and
  • set up demonstration projects.

In the short term, the objective is to sell 200 pumps. In the long term, the market in the DRC is estimated at 10,000 pumps per year. The objectives are threefold:

  1. to reduce water usage;
  2. to reduce fuel consumption and
  3. to half the water supply price.

Pump open - 1st series


Africa - DR Congo


Swiss Intech has hired a local team to support sales of the surface pumps. They have installed a demonstration pump in Kinshasa. A first village has been identified to install a solar pump in early 2017. Today, the women of this village – Mbankana, located 160 km from Kinshasa – have to fetch water for more than two kilometres on foot.

The next step is to mount viable production and supply chains. The company has hired a new project manager to that effect. To attract investors, Swiss Intech attended the 45th International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva. It won a gold medal for its invention!


Swiss Intech, incorporated in La Tour-de-Peilz, is an incubator for renewable solutions. It identifies and valorises ideas, concepts or undertakes developments. It also brings together teams and investors to realise demonstrator projects to prove technical and financial feasibility. It associates interested industrial partners as soon as possible to industrialise and market new products.