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Water Enterprise Development Nepal & Madagascar – Weconnex

Value proposition

In the Nawalparasi district, some 79,000 people risk drinking water that is contaminated with arsenic. Drinking such water over a long period is unhealthy. It can lead to skin problems, skin cancer & cancer of the bladder as well as kidney, lung and other diseases.

The plan is to install three solar-powered water purification units and to develop water businesses in a village community and in two hospitals in the district.

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The goal is to provide safe and affordable drinking water to one rural community (Manari) and two hospitals surrounding low-income households (Prithvichandra hospital, Baghauda hospital) in the region of Terai. A total rural population of approximately 12,000 should be reached. Thus, the activities will contribute to the social and economic development and empowerment of these communities. Another goal is to demonstrate that the associated business models are viable and sustainable. This, in turn, should attract local investors to develop additional safe water enterprises in Nepal.

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To date, WECONNEX is supporting 6 NEXUS centres in the Nawalparasi and Chitwan Districts. All of them are operated by women entrepreneurs. Several more centres are in the pipeline.

A NEXUS centre provides not only access to clean and affordable – and now branded – drinking water. It can also serve as a basic infrastructure hub that includes energy, health and / or other services in demand.

Sales of water are increasing steadily. Thanks to training and on-going support, the local operators are becoming more entrepreneurial.

WECONNEX is currently raising funds to bring the number up to 50 installed centres in Southern Nepal, potentially supplying more than 225,000 people with access to clean and safe water and other basic services.


Founded in 2015, WECONNEX AG is dedicated to developing and managing social businesses for rural infrastructure and micro utilities. As a spin-off of Trunz Water Systems, it can count on hundreds of installed applications worldwide, which provide safe drinking water and access to renewable energy supply in remote areas, sometimes under very harsh conditions. WECONNEX has developed the NEXUS Centre, a modular infrastructure hub concept for remote communities. These centres are currently being rolled out in Nepal and about to start in many more countries.